You May be Single, but Not Dumb

In an age of internet dating and social networks, it seems to have gotten easier for significant others to cheat. Sure, you speak to him every day at 10:00pm but who is he talking to at 8:00? 6:00? or even 4:00? The point? You can’t be too careful. Dating is fun and internet dating offers busy singles, like yourself, the opportunity to meet professionals just like yourself in a relaxed, un-rushed setting. Whether you decide to keep it strictly online or to take the plunge and meet, there are tell-tale signs of your online dating partner cheating on you.

First, if when you meet your potential mate online and he is sketchy with the details (i.e. past relationships, current living arrangements, kids, etc) a red flag should be raised. If you, for example, tell him you have never been married, no children and live with a roommate but he fails to reciprocate one or all of the information, be wary.

Next, if you are dating someone you met online and he seems to only want to meet at a certain time online or if he can only call you during a certain time, you are in red flag central. Call or otherwise contact him outside of that time window and see his reaction. If he can’t be reached or otherwise hurries you off the phone, there is a problem. Ask him point blank why you can only contact him at 10:00pm every day. Why not 8:00am to wish him a good day? And please, don’t accept any excuses about “I am at work, class, etc” because that? Is just so not true. People make time for things they want to make time for and a person is not at work or school all day until 10:00. There is either a window before or after work and school he is free as a bird and choosing NOT to speak to you.

Finally, if you all have been speaking for a while and have actually met and he has visited your place but you are never allowed to visit his? That would be the biggest red flag. He is married and/or cheating. DO NOT fall for the “my place is a dump” or “my roommate is annoying” sad excuses. Demand to be able to see his pad or walk out the door. There is no excuse to make your pad the sole meeting place. And, if he allows you to see his pad but only for a moment before he whisks you away? Unacceptable.

A few other red flags to look out for? He calls you a different name, does not recognize your voice, secretly takes phone calls or texts, tell-tale signs on his social network page (i.e. flirty messages from girls/guys), he seems frazzled and stutters when you speak about other women/men, and/or you notice him looking at another woman. Also check periodically at different singles sites and see if he has an account set up and he is actively seeking other singles (same goes if you are married) And really? if the guy refuses to introduce you to his friends and/or family? Walk away and DO NOT look back.

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