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Singles.com is the most comprehensive dating review site available today. There are too many dating sites out there today to keep up with and all of them tout themselves as the sure-fire remedy to your personal loneliness. Who’s to believe? Who’s full of shit? Who’s got time to figure it out? The answer: we do.

We here at Singles.com do the legwork for you. We scour the internet and find only the best, most reputable dating sites for you. Then, we give you the skinny. What’s great, what’s not great, and how you can make these particular sites work for you.

Think of us as your online Cupid, setting you up with not only one person, but with the appropriate network for you to maximize your chances at finding the person who’s right for you.

Not only that, but we provide regular articles from dating experts so that you have some frame of reference about what to do when you actually do meet that special someone in person. We pride ourselves on helping both men and women make quality, informed decisions regarding any potential dating scenario.


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