Worst Dating Stories

We want to hear your worst dating or breakup stories. What better way to vent about your date or girlfriend or boyfriend than in front of thousands of people on Singles.com. It’s better and cheaper than therapy.

Funny Breakup Lines

    No names or they will be changed
    Cannot not be explicit or graphical in nature
    Must be 250 plus words
    No fibs. We want to hear real stories and original content


    The close talker who also had bad breath
    The date that kept using his phone through dinner
    The gal that seemed sweet until she had one too many drinks
    The boyfriend who had to split everything down the line
    The guy that wouldn’t share his umbrella when it was raining

We’ve all had them here at Singles.com.
One that comes to mind is when I was setup on a double date by my friend with her boyfriend. We were at dinner and my friend’s boyfriend was paying a lot of attention to me. He was nice and was just thinking that he was trying to make the dinner conversation easy since I was on a blind date. Then our dinner arrives and my friend’s boyfriend leans over and cuts my meat for me. It was very bizarre. Needless to say, my friend and boyfriend broke up several days later.

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