What’s Spirituality Got To Do With It? Everything.

Dating for Believers

Finding love can be scary enough. There are dreams, hopes, and expectations that you put into the hands of another person. Finding someone who not only shares your spiritual beliefs, but is at the same level of spirituality that you desire, makes the search for love that much more challenging.

For most believers in search of romance, a potential partner must have a strong sense of their beliefs and serious grounding in spirituality. In faith-based love as with anything else in life, you have to look for it in target rich areas. For example, if you want groceries, you’d shop at the grocery store. If you wanted furniture, you’d go to the furniture store. It makes sense then, when searching for a faith-based date or life partner, you’d search for them in a forum where you are most likely to have your spiritual standards in a partner met.

A couple of the more popular faith-based dating sites are Christianlifestyle.com, and the nationally recognized Jdate.com. Christianlifestyle.com is a very straightforward experience for the user. Just as a church singles mixer is the opposite of looking for love in say, a bar or nightclub, Christianlifestyle.com wants to separate themselves from other dating sites. With no “bells and whistles”, the site simply presents a free sign up area, as well as pictures and blurbs of other Christians looking for love. The site is very clean, and easy to understand. Just like every church should be, the site is very welcoming to all.

Jdate.com is the leading website for those of Jewish faith looking for partners to share their beliefs and lifestyles with. Unlike ChristianLifestyle.com’s singles-mixer feel, Jdate.com would be the equivalent to an all-inclusive resort for those of Jewish faith. The website host videos, live events, a calendar and synagogue directory, a magazine, and a blog, just to name a few features. Jdate.com wants to see to it that there is no excuse for Jewish singles to be lonely or spiritually un-fed in any way.

As our society evolves and looks deeply inward for things that matter to them most, the faith-based dating trend will grow.

People are no longer willing to settle or hide their beliefs. Faith-based dating sites are wonderful, efficient tools to help a person with their romantic and social goals and complete a life based upon one’s most treasured beliefs.

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