Wall Street Dater: Best Return On My Investment

The guys I work with are married to their jobs, but all they’ve got to show for their overtime is money. Well, that and sometimes a sweet toy – like a boat or a Bugatti, but still… Where’s the love? If I hadn’t taken matters into my own hands with my online dating, I could’ve been just like them. Setups and blind dates have about as much appeal to me as late-day trading. And I don’t want end up with a gold digger burning though my golden parachute — so I diversified by adding an online dating profile into the mix.

I’ve always been a firm believer that you get out of something what you put into it. That’s why I approached online dating like every investment opportunity. I created my original profile with the intent of finding a woman who would balance my busy work life with some fun. But the markets don’t lie. The response was underwhelming, so I retooled my profile.

After some tweaks, online dating became a bear market for me. The strategy worked like a charm. I’ve met a ton of fascinating potential mates online. My personal approach is that I like to do my due diligence before I agree to meet anyone. I often sandbag until I’ve got all the details from my potential suitor. My dating world changed when I met my girlfriend. She loved that asked so many questions. The others I dated made a relationship seem like a hostile takeover, but with my girlfriend, a merger now seems more than possible.

Everyone at the office is ribbing me that I finally found my future trophy wife and to watch out because the cost of having a kid, let alone a Manhattan Kid, is through the roof… But I noticed a bunch of my colleagues have followed my lead and have started to invest themselves in online dating too.

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