From Virtual Friend to Girlfirend

Grandma will still warn you against meeting strangers, but grandma didn’t grow up texting and chatting. In this day and age, there is nothing weird about wanting to take a chat relationship into a real dating one. Chatting, texting, and emailing are such a part of our lives that it makes sense that they are also a potential way to meet someone. Yet the transition can be awkward.

If you are interested in becoming face-to-face friends with a chat pal, here are some tips to make the first meeting go smoother:

Stay Real
Yes, it is easier to be funny and flirtatious in a chat since you can literally edit your words. However, if you are considering trying to meet someone online, it’s important that you stay real. Don’t get carried away with fibs or exaggeration.

Downplay your Assets
It’s much more fun to make yourself out to be sexy as heck, but there’s something to be said about slightly lowered expectations. It may mean that when you do meet in person, your virtual friend will be pleasantly delighted at just how attractive you are.

Let a Picture do The Talking.
Pictures speak a thousand words. Do make a point of sharing a few recent photos of yourself. Choose pictures in which you appear natural. Sometimes it helps to take photos of yourself with friends so that you’re easy to relate to. Include at least one whole body shot. Though you think it’s all about a connection, he or she still needs to know what to expect physically.

Try the Phone First
Before meeting in person, transition your relationship with phone calls. A lot can be learned from a voice – and background noise. In fact, throughout online contact, stay objective as possible so that your radar picks up inconsistencies.

Do Your Homework
For your first meeting, go prepared. Brainstorm conversational topics that you have both gravitated toward. Plan a few conversation starters based on what you already know about this person so that it’s less tense.

Hopefully, whatever spark that was ignited online will continue in person. If it doesn’t, just keep in mind that until you’ve had a chance to meet and talk, you can never be sure if your virtual relationship will survive the cold cruel light of a coffee shop.

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