Trashier Profile Scores Big

Online dating has become very popular. More fun, sexy singles are available to meet up and have fun than ever before. Which means this may be the best time to score dates. By all means take a chance, what do you have to lose?

My friend simply posted a trashier picture of herself and it the results were incredible. Present yourself the best way possible and sometimes just shake things up — present a different part of you. If you’re ultra-serious, try the hard partying pictures — who knows!

We’re not saying that you should lie, but make a few changes. Sexperts actually believe that being honest is the most important component to getting what you want in the world of dating and online hooks.

Do not be afraid to openly state what you want. Isn’t that the point of all this? If you can articulate it, others may dig it and be looking exactly for just that…

Cast a wide net. Be discerning and yet generous. Present yourself well, ask for what you want, and have fun!

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