Top Four Dating Mistakes for Guys

1.Even though she’s online, she still wants to be treated like a lady. Sure, it may have been three years since the last time you saw someone else naked, but remember that this is a person on the other end, and you are trying to make a connection, so be polite. The anonymity afforded by websites is great for people who lack confidence, but do not take it to a ridiculous extreme. You will not get anywhere with crude language and overt invitations to raunchy sexual exploits. Those things will come naturally if you act like a human being, and not a drunken old man in the front row at an old strip club.

2. Post YOUR picture. That’s right, fellas: we all want to look like the guy from the cover of the fitness magazine, but most of us don’t. And you know what? Women already know that. So here it is: get off your butt, work out as best you can, eat as best you can, take a real picture of yourself and post it. You should absolutely be making an effort to better yourself if you are looking to hook up. However, don’t post a picture of a Herculean man, hoping that you can make yourself look that way by the time you have to meet her. It’s not going to happen. Think of it this way, if you must: if the expectations are kept low, you rarely disappoint.

3. HOW much do you make? And this goes along with “WHERE do you live?,” “WHAT do you drive?”, “HOW big is your…?”, and so on. See above point regarding honestly and expectations. Seriously—you’re not fooling anyone in real life. The power of suggestion only works until they actually meet you…

4. Be patient. Most men are easily frustrated, particularly those on dating sites. There are lots and lots of lonely singles out there looking for the right person, so the key is to not get discouraged. You may have to sort through hundreds of Mrs. Wrongs before you find Mrs. Right. But there truly is someone out there for everyone, so don’t give up. Stay persistent, follow these rules, and it will eventually happen for you.

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