Single-Parent Dating Dilemma: When To Reveal the Kids

The ultimate goal of dating is to find someone with whom you are compatible, someone to share your life. When you are single with kids, however, there is a more immediate question — exactly when to drop the kid-bomb.

When is the right time? Truthfully, everyone has a different opinion. Many people feel that being up front and letting the other know of your circumstances immediately is the only course of action. This gives the other one the chance to back out before anyone develops any attachments.

Others think that waiting to find out if they are actually interested in pursuing a relationship is best. After all, why tell someone too much information if you are not really interested in them to begin with. The downside to this is that it can easily backfire on you. You become interested in them and when they find out you have kids, they disappear.

The last thing you want to do, however, is not tell someone you have children when they bring the subject up to you. Lying about having children is a no-no and will be the downfall of any relationship. Thinking that you will get them to fall in love with you before you hit them with the kid-bomb is a big mistake and it will not work, not even in a romantic comedies.

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