Single Grandpa Looking For Snowbird

There was a time when people were considered old at age 65. Dating at that age was unthinkable and living together was a way to stretch your social security dollars. Well, not any more. Grandpa isn’t over the relationship hill, he’s still driving up it.

Gramps, although age 70, is still energetic and young at heart. He has a full head of hair and smells of Old Spice. He only drives his 1964 Chevy Impala, with 35,000 original miles, on special occasions. It looks like it just came off the showroom floor. He even had a lift for a scooter chair mounted on the back. He is always prepared for anything.

So who wouldn’t want to date this man? He’s got it all. He is quite stylish and his pant legs actually touch his shoes. He has a natural waistline that is not 6 inches below his chin and he doesn’t wear plaid shorts, black knee high socks and sandals, yet.

Gramps is probably one of the best storytellers around. When he tells me of walking 5 miles to school in the snow in his bare feet, it is the same each and every time. His long term memory is as sharp as a tack. Just don’t ask him where he left his wallet. He will get all flustered until he realizes it is in his pocket.

Now you would think a catch like this would have no trouble meeting women, especially since his job as a greeter lends to seeing and talking to scads of women. But, he is a professional and will not deviate from his script. Although he has been known to stroll around the parking lot after his shift, his arrest record is short. The authorities just don’t understand that when you are 70, it is not considered stalking.

Oh, he has had his share of women in his life since grandma passed 20 years ago, but he just can’t seem to find Mrs. Right. He has some very interesting hobbies too. He collects coins, Roosevelt dimes as a matter of fact. He is convinced they will make him a wealthy man some day. He has a lovely 2 bedroom mobile home in the heart of a very prestigious trailer park. He boasts that it is a ‘double wide’. What woman could resist that?

All in all, Grandpa is a terrific catch. He always has at least a 1 month supply of Viagra and he twitters regularly. Although he still thinks Internet is hairspray. So ladies, if are looking for the man of your dreams, look no farther. Just twitter ‘Meet me in the parking lot after your shift’. You won’t be sorry!

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