Expert Tips: Sensual Massage as Foreplay

Massaging is an essential part of all foreplay. We’ve distilled the best advice from massage therapists – so you can kick your massage up a level :


For optimum positioning, one partner can straddle the other who should be face down and relaxed. This is best done in the with each in the nude.

One should start from the neck and continue down to the feet, thoroughly, in an non-hurried way.

A good massage kneads all muscles, whether on the backside or the frontside in slow, steady circles with the tips of the fingers. It takes steady concentration in each area. Ask your partner when to move down if you’re not sure.

Bending arms and legs, gently, backwards from how your partner usually moves and holds their limbs lends balancing the body’s use of muscles and tendons. You want to achieve flexibility, and that means sometimes going against the grain, again, gently. Massage is graceful and gentle in foreplay, not painful or uncomfortable.

Be sure to light aromatic candles; there are products that actually start out as candles and turn into melted oil to be massaged into the skin that makes for lower friction of hand to skin. A massage should be administered with strong, flexed fingers in delicate, rounded strokes. Some oils heat up during massage, emoting fragrances; this assuredly promotes the ambiance of intimacy.


Don’t force any limb, tendon, or muscle to move in an atypical way.

Don’t attempt to manipulate the skeletal system. This can cause serious injury.

Don’t pour hot oil on any skin area. This can cause first degree burns easily, and perhaps more damage can occur.

Whether your partner is new or familiar, it’s the touch that communicates feelings of pleasure, and responsive trust. Use music and candles to enhance the atmosphere. Most important, take your time, get into it, and prolong the foreplay as long as you wish.

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