Seeking Minority Singles

When you’re mixed ethnicity, it can feel like there’s no one out there who gets you. Being part Puerto Rican and part black, I always felt embarassed when people who asked me “what I was.” The Puerto Ricans thought I was too black, and the blacks thought I was too Puerto Rican. Dating became really difficult, even on mainstream dating websites.

I was skeptical that I would ever find fun singles who understood what it was like to come from many places. However, once I signed up for, all of this changed. I finally found people who saw me for more than my skin color and understood what it was like to have troubled dating when you’re of mixed descent.

One of the great things about this website is that there are so many people with whom you can message and talk. I found a lot of interesting people of all ages and ethnicities. There were other mixed people! Not having to explain myself was comforting: I could just be myself.

Once I realized I wasn’t alone, dating became far more fun. The stress I’d experienced earlier slipped away. Finally, I could loosen up and really get to work talking with different people. No mixed woman or man should feel undesirable. Investing in makes me feel like I am on the path to finding real love.

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