Prevent the Second Date from Being Your Last

You must have done something right on the first date since she agreed to go out with you again. Now what? How do you figure out where to go and what to do that will keep her interested in you? The pressure is on. How that second date goes is usually an indication of if an actual relationship is or is not going to develop. So if you want to get to that third date and beyond, here are some tips that might help you.

Call her again to reconfirm the date and time you will pick her up, and where you will be going. Let her know how much you enjoyed being with her and are looking forward to seeing her again without being gushy. If you went out to dinner on the first date, do something different on the second date. No, it doesn’t have to be skydiving. However, you might try something a little different or a physical activity that you are both interested in. You can make the venue different and more casual. Even something like taking a walk in a park and then going for a casual dinner and perhaps a movie would give you plenty of time to get acquainted with her in various settings to make sure that you, also, want to get to that third date and then some.

Most people are on their best behavior, more or less, on a first date. Ideally, if you are going on a second date, there are mutual interests or attraction and at least some inkling of potential chemistry. It is likely your first date was a nice dinner out, or perhaps just drinks to get acquainted. The second date is the time where both you and she let your guard down a little. Being with someone in a different environment, such as a baseball game, that walk in the park, or enjoying water activities, will let you see a different side of each other than you saw on the first date. A more extended, casually oriented second date, where you get to talk a lot and interact in a different way, gives you each a chance to learn more meaningful information about the other person.

Look for clues as to how much she is enjoying herself in your company. Laughter is always a good sign. When people laugh together it usually means that they are happy and relaxed. How does she react when you take her hand, brush up against her, or give her a quick kiss? If she likes you, she will respond in kind. This is why a “longer” second date involving activity, eating, and more talking in a casual atmosphere lets you learn more about the person and provides some intimacy to build on.

If she is responding to you in a positive way, and you are feeling the same thing, it is safe to conclude that a third date would not only be accepted, but desired. Go from there. It’s up to chemistry now.

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