Rules for Breaking Up Online

The end of a relationship is never an easy thing to stomach. The thought of telling another person that you are not interested in them is typically not something that a most people look forward to. But if it comes time to break it off, here are a few tips to ensure that it’s done right.

1) It’s Still a Breakup: It’s just the nature of this technologically dependent world that things online just don’t seem (for lack of a better word) real. The disconnect between actual actions and the World Wide Web seems to be growing greater and greater every day. This trend is especially true in the online dating world. Remember that you are still breaking up with someone, even if it is done with a keyboard and a mouse.

2) There’s a Record: When breaking up in person, there usually isn’t a verbatim of what was said other than the memory of the people involved. That’s certainly not the case online. When you send a person a message or chat online with them, as soon as you hit the send button there’s a record of what you’ve said forever.

3) Be Polite: There is no reason to be rude when breaking up with someone- in person, or online. Think carefully what you are trying to say and be honest, but not vulgar or crass. While you may have more confidence with a screen in-between you and the one you are breaking up with, it doesn’t mean you have the right to go crazy. Also, remember that you don’t have the ability to use inflection when online, and statements that might have been well-intentioned can sound downright discourteous.

4) Leave the Door Open: Just because you don’t want to talk with a particular person at that moment, doesn’t mean you want to close the door of communication forever. You can leave the line of contact open by being polite and using statements that tell the person you care about them, but you just don’t feel it’s the right time. Who knows, you may get back out into the dating scene and realize that you belong with that person, but you can’t go back if you don’t end things correctly.

5) Give Feedback: Offering advice to the person you are breaking up with can be helpful, if it is delivered in the right way. If there is a specific thing that is making you have a change of heart and it is something a person can improve upon, than tell them. This will help them be a better person in the future.

So if it’s time to move on, follow these tips and everything should go smoothly. Good luck!

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