Pre-Game Checklist for Her

So, ladies, tonight’s your first date with the new guy. Whether you’re 15 or 50, first dates are always going to bring with them some added anxiety and some heightened expectations. Here are some things to remember before you head out for the big evening:

1) Be Safe

Whether you’ve known the guy for a while, or you just met him last week, it’s never a bad idea to take precautions. If he’s a new acquaintance, take advantage of the many search engines out there in Internet land to make sure that he really is who he says he is. Arrange to meet him somewhere, rather than having him come to your home. Also, take a moment to let a friend know where you’re going, and be sure to call and check in when you’re done with the date.

2) Be Comfortable

This doesn’t just apply to your state of mind, but to your wardrobe as well. With the usual pre-date butterflies, keeping the conversation going, and trying to make your best first impression, the last thing you want on your mind is an uncooperative bra strap or creeping underwear.

3) Be Yourself

Take a moment before you head out the door to look in the mirror and ask yourself if the way you look at that moment accurately represents who you are. First impressions are important, but true impressions are eve more important. You’ll only add unnecessary stress to an already wired evening if you’re constantly trying to maintain a version of yourself that doesn’t ordinarily exist.

4) Be Realistic

The one and only purpose of a first date is to determine whether or not you want to go on a second date. If you walk into the restaurant that night listening for wedding bells, you’ll be putting too much pressure on yourself, and on your date as well.

5) Be Creative

Just like football teams have Hail Mary plays, and actors have fallback techniques, take a few minutes while you’re standing in front of that mirror to think about some ways to keep the date lively if conversation falls short. Remember, he’s probably nervous about tonight, too, so by finding new ways to keep the night interesting, you’ll not only be reducing the tension for both of you, you’ll be showing him your creative and fun-loving side, and making an impression he won’t forget.

First dates should be exciting, not terrifying. A little pre-game preparation on your part will make sure your first date is everything you hoped, and nothing you regret.

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