Never Been Kissed? Then It’s Time to Start!

She woke up one day, the same as she had the previous 48 years, only to go to bed that night as one of the fastest rising celebrities in the world.lips Susan Boyle was just another face in the crowd until she mustered up the courage to showcase her talent for the UK on Britain’s Got Talent. When she stepped out onto the stage, eyes were rolled and jokes whispered, but the moment she began to sing; jaws were dropping and she was well on her way to stardom. Along with her amazing voice, the fact that Susan Boyle had never kissed a man in all of her 48 years also helped propel her to stardom.

Born into a small family, she grew up in a lower class neighborhood and never thought much of dating. As the years went on the thought of ever dating anyone slowly left her mind. However, she said she never gave up and followed her heart, which belonged to singing. By following her heart and staying true to herself, Susan is now one of the biggest celebrities in Europe and finding a date should be no problem. She said that if you are unhappy being single than you cannot be happy with yourself and that if you’re unhappy with your self how can you ever begin dating? The lesson here is clear. Susan Boyle, although always aware of being single, never let it define her and she followed her heart, but now she can’t wait to make up for lost time and begin dating.

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