Lookin’ For Love In Unusual Places

Every place that you go is an opportunity to find yourself Mr. Right (or at least Mr. Close-Enough-To-Mr. Right-To-Have-Fun-With-For-Awhile). I can attest to the fact that all of the usual places are so full of the “Huntin’-Ladies” that the pickin’s are slim… so, stay out of the usual places (that would be the dog-parks, the gym, and bars… unless you enjoy competing with size 0′s). Besides, those usual places are usually boring anyway, along with the men who go there.

I consider myself an interesting and unique individual with an enquiring mind and okay looks (I’m not break-the-mirror-ugly, but, I’m also not drop-dead gorgeous. Hey, I’m honest). You’re probably a lot like me or else you wouldn’t be reading this. I will not steer you wrong. So, suck in your gut, stand up straight, and get the stones it takes to go looking in some very unique places.

Try a hospital. The next time one of your co-workers is in the hospital, volunteer to take the flowers and a get well card on behalf of everybody at work (of course, make them all chip in some money and sign the card… you aren’t made of money). Ask directions of every male nurse you can (they’re not ALL gay) along with a few doctors. These guys love to help and show off their intellect.

Try funeral homes and cemeteries. If you are a very caring individual, these are fabulous places to be to let people know that you care. Let them know you’re a good soul. I’ve gotten a lot of phone numbers that way and met some really super guys.

Currently, I’m engaged. I met him at a geeky meeting for people who like to do historic re-creatioan (those are the nerds who dress up in costume from the dark agesh). Yeah, kind of boring, I know, but, I did score myself an original guy by trying something different. You can, too! Have fun, take a chance, and be unique!

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