If Opposites Attract…

I have been using dating websites for quite a few years now. After meeting dozens of guys, I never quite clicked with any of them. As I lamented this to my friend one day, she said, “Love doesn’t work that way. The truth is — opposites most often attract.”

At first I laughed at this comment. But over the next few days I began thinking it over. What if she was right? If opposites attract, then I’ve been doing this entire online dating thing wrong.

Before I completely deleted my account, I had an idea. If opposites attract, then maybe I should completely reverse my profile to be the exact opposite of me! Then maybe I would catch the attention of the right guy. I figured it was worth a shot. What did I have to lose?

So I set to work. Under political views, I changed from Democrat to Republican. Under pets, I said that I liked cats instead of dogs. Instead of a night out with friends I said that I preferred to curl up with a book. I wrote that I didn’t like shopping. I said that I don’t watch TV or movies, but instead prefer to go hiking in the woods (eek, I hate bugs!). Rather than open to experience, I said that I was set in my ways. Rather than a hard worker, I said that I like to take life as it comes. Instead of laid back and relaxed, I said I was high-strung.

I really did it up. I made everything on my profile the opposite of my actual personality. Within a couple weeks, I met a new guy. We met at the coffee shop and started talking. I was amazed at how we instantly “clicked”. We were immediately comfortable with each other. It wasn’t until about an hour into our date that I remembered my profile switch and the pretenses under which I met this guy.

I was worried. I actually liked this guy. Would he be upset if I told him that I had lied on my profile? Why hadn’t I thought about this before? I had completely misrepresented myself….

I decided to take a chance and try something completely absurd: the truth and told him the whole story and who I really am.

He thought it was hilarious! And promptly dumped me — just kidding. We’ve been together since. I’m still not sure whether it’s true that opposites attract, but inverting my online dating profile certainly worked!

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