How to Work a Room

You go to a party with your best friend, who is less attractive, not as smart as you, only to find that she is the one getting all of the attention and phone numbers while you are left at the bar alone… Instead of being depressed and resentful, learn from what she is doing right. Chances are that your friend exudes confidence and knows how to work a room. By following these simple steps you can change your dating prospects dramatically.

1. Dress for Success

Part of exuding confidence has to do with how you dress. Studies have shown that the better people are dressed, the more confident they feel. It make sense that if you like the clothes you’re wearing and think that you look good in them, then you’ll naturally feel better and be more upbeat. Not only this, but dressing well shows other people in the room that you care about the way you look and have good hygiene habits. Clothes can also give hints into a person’s socioeconomic background. These are all traits that can make or break the deal.

2. Improve Your Body Language

Body language conveys a lot about a person’s confidence. For instance, placing your hands in your pockets shows others that you are insecure and uncomfortable. Humans instinctively hide their hands when they feel uneasy or nervous. Exposing your hands for everyone to see shows confidence. Also, putting your hands into your front pockets can cause you to slouch, which is another sign of insecurity. Another way to convey confidence through body language is to keep from fidgeting.

Moving around a lot shows other people in the room that you’re nervous and uncomfortable, making them wary of approaching you. Finally, do not fold your arms. Folding your arms is a sign that you are on guard and unapproachable. Take a look at the security guards at the front door of the club. Chances are that they are standing there with their arms folded, looking menacing. By folding your arms and walking around the room, you are projecting the same image to all the other singles in the room, practically screaming to them that they should stay away and avoid you at all costs.

3. Communicate with Ease

Finally, if you are approached by another person or take the initiative to talk to someone you’re interested in, do not blow the opportunity when you open your mouth to speak. The first thing you need to avoid is talking fast. As people get nervous, the speed of their speech increases, making it hard for them to think coherently and to be understood.

Talk calmly and think about what you are saying before blurting something out. Not only will this calm you, but also the other person. Next, make eye contact and smile. Avoiding eye contact is a sure sign that you’re either being insincere or nervous. Neither of these traits is desirable. Finally, take the time to listen to what the other person is saying. A lot of times, people are so caught up with thinking about what they are going to say that they don’t pay attention to what the other person is saying. The result is an awkward conversation for the two of you that doesn’t go anywhere.

By following these three simple tips, you’re sure to improve your body language and confidence. Hopefully, your confidence will radiate throughout the room and help to land you more dates.

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