How To Know If You’re Over-Sharing

The thought of sitting face to face with a virtual stranger and sharing our deepest feelings and exposing our weaknesses leaves many feeling overwhelmed and venerable. Many turn to online dating as a way to meet people in a comfortable and controlled environment.

Unfortunately, online dating has it’s own set of complications that many people never expect. Always ask yourself if you are over sharing personal, financial, or inappropriate information

1. Over sharing private financial information. This is one of the biggest problems plaguing online dating. Sharing personal facts about our lives is how people learn to connect with one another, but doing so online can lead to trouble. Protecting yourself online is a necessity, and learning when, and who you are over sharing with is critical.

It’s easy for people to get carried away at the start of a new relationship. Our emotions run high and we can’t wait to share every last tidbit of ourselves with our new paramour. Unfortunately, many people find themselves the victims of scam artists trolling internet dating sites looking for an easy mark.

If a person starts asking personal financial questions, such as credit card information, be wary. If someone you know online makes you feel uncomfortable, listen to your gut instinct.

2. Over sharing personal information. Identity theft is also a new issue facing many people online, and con artists are everywhere. Never give out social security information to a stranger, especially online. This is a recipe for disaster.

Many online daters have found themselves the victims of identity theft, which can leave a person to deal with hours and hours of red tape to fix. This is if they are even lucky enough to catch it quickly. Many people realize to late that they have been the victims of identity theft.

3. Over sharing inappropriate information. This is a tricky area because many people are unaware that they have crossed a boundary until it is too late. Sharing intimate details of our lives online is easy to do because we are not face to face with the other person. It’s easy to feel like you are in control behind your computer, but oftentimes people begin to feel awkward and embarrassed after over sharing information.

This becomes especially true when the person you have been communicating with disappears. It can leave many people feeling vulnerable and used. Try to remember that you are talking to a real, live human being who you may actually meet one day. Take things slow and let the relationship progress at a natural speed.

Sometimes it’s hard to know when we are crossing over safe boundaries. The desire to meet a kindred soul is something all humans, regardless of race or creed, share. Be responsible for yourself, and always trust your instinct when delving into the adventurous world of online dating.

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