First Came Fling, Then Came… Love?

I was singing off-key the lyrics from “Kerosene” out the open car window to the universe. “I’m giving up on love ‘cause love’s giving up on me.” Yeah, that’s right. I was living out a country song. It seemed like the right thing to do since I had just gone through a tough break up. The kind of break up that not even country music and excessive amounts of ice cream could fix. He even took the dog. And I loved that dog more than him. I didn’t want anything serious and I wanted someone new.

So, I turned to the internet. I looked into and No, I had never done the internet dating scene before. But, why not? After all, I was just looking for fun with some honesty sprinkled in, you know? Just a little hooking up and messing around. That’s all. Because, as for flings and fun, I hadn’t seen those from my ex in a long time. Anyway, I met this guy and we hit it off right away. We were having a lot of fun and a lot of flings.

Even though I wasn’t looking for something serious, those flings turned into more structured hanging out and finally to dates. Before long we were officially dating. So, I may have sworn off guys and I may have proclaimed my undying love for frozen dairy product. And in doing all that I found romance. I mean, sure, it is just a budding relationship. But, I have a feeling it is more than just puppy dog love.

Most importantly we still have dates and consistent flings with each other. We owe it all to It may not work for everyone, and it isn’t how I envisioned finding love, but it is working for us. I guess for us that initial fun, spontaneous interaction turned into something more meaningful.

Ironic, right? Maybe even a little poetic. But, definitely unexpected. In fact, we are going to the shelter this weekend to get a puppy together. No, we haven’t decided on what kind of dog or anything like that. We trust that a fun dog will be attracted to fun people. Just like what happened with us. But, we do know we are going to name him Fling.

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