Facebook Official? Your Status Says it All

The newest relationship litmus test is emerging from Facebook. Every Facebook user has the option of putting their current relationship status on their profile page. You’d think the only options would be “Single“, “In a Relationship”, or “Married”, but, as most things in life, it gets deeper than just that.

Options such as these are available as well as “It’s Complicated”, “Open Relationship”, “Engaged”, and even “Widowed”. No matter what stage of a relationship you are in, the world will know about it.

There is a term that has formed recently that helps define any relationship. Whenever someone is talking about his or her new partner, the question is always asked: “Are you two Facebook official?”

Facebook official means that you have put onto your profile that you are in a relationship with a particular person. This, in the world of teenagers, is the most legit proclamation anyone can make about their dating life.

This also adds pressure. Once you put that on your profile page, all of your friends, as well as those of your special someone, will know the status of your love life. The word is out. If things don’t work out between you two, everyone will know as well. This will result in a lot of wall posts and relationship status comments.

If you’re not ready for that kind of attention about your new catch, don’t agree to put it on Facebook. Also, if you are not willing to be viewed as solely one man/woman’s partner, do not publish it. If you meet a cute guy at the grocery store and he finds you on Facebook, he will soon be put off by your “In A Relationship” status.

Facebook relationship status’s are as legitimate as any declaration can be. If it is not “Facebook official”, then technically you two are not official. Beware if your special someone is hesitant to put up a relationship status on his site, he or she may not be as serious as you are.

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