How to Escalate from Flirting to Cybersex

Cybersex can be exciting and satisfying, and also somewhat scary for women new to this form of sexual expression. Cybersex can be part of getting to know a person, a way of having some safe fun, before moving on to anything more serious. More often, cybersex is the beginning, and the end, of a relationship that never makes it off the computer screen. Here are some suggestions for escalating your flirting with someone that you know only as keystrokes on a computer screen into actual cybersex.

1) Find the right cybersex partner – Online dating websites are great places to meet people for sexual encounters. As you interact in these forums, you find someone whose style seems to match your own; you may find you have some things in common, or that something about this person turns you on. Now is the time to dip your toe into the world of internet sex.

2) Start flirting –Flirt, just as you would in person, making sexually suggestive comments, telling him he’s funny or sexy. Comment on his picture, or some feature of his bio. If he continues to flirt back, you know it’s on.

3) Dive in – Most men want sex, even cybersex. Many websites give advice to men on this topic, telling them to let the woman make the first move. So, do not be nervous if you are typing with a nice guy who waits for you to set the pace – simply take the initiative, knowing that men rarely turn down a woman. A good way to initiate a sexual encounter is with the always effective, “What are you wearing?” Then, ask what he is doing – an intuitive guy will provide a sexy response, helping pave the way to more intimate conversation.

4) Have fun – Cybersex is safe sex. You can be whomever you want, say whatever you want, and suggest doing whatever you want. Be bold. Take this opportunity to role-play your deepest desires. Especially if you are indulging with someone whom you never intend to meet offline, then go crazy. Live out your wildest fantasies, taking the initiative to verbally remove his clothes, dominate him sexually if you wish, or be completely submissive.

5) Do’s and Do not’s – Do not type things such as “gasp, gasp”, or “oh yeah, baby.” Keep it real. Do try lines like, “I love the way you’re touching me there,” and “your body feels so warm against mine.” Do use description to say what you are feeling, or what you want to be feeling. Do initiate a fantasy. Create a story by telling him that you are laying on the beach, and want him to climb on top of you, that you want to feel the surf splash over your bodies. Be creative – imagine it in your head, and type what you are seeing. He will respond, and you’ll both have a great encounter that will leave you physically buzzing for hours.

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