Decoding Profiles: The Truth Behind Profile Spin

Sifting through online dating profiles can be tricky, because people often intentionally or unintentionally offer misleading write-ups. Below are some tips to help you sidestep any online dating landmines and decode online profiles:

Focusing on a user’s screen name is a great start and a timesaver as well. If a username consists of suggestive or inappropriate words, then this should convey to you that they are not too serious about a long-term relationship. A handle like “looking4agoodtime” or “jackandcoke” should scream at you – unless that’s what you’re into.

If the profile sorely lacks any personal information, then this could mean the user wants to avoid relationships and is not ready to fully open up.

When scanning a profile, you must read between the lines to understand what the user really means. For example if a user has no photograph posted on his or her profile, take a pass! Ask yourself why someone looking for a relationship would not post a photograph of himself or herself. They must have something to hide, yikes.

For women’s profiles, any reference to being “voluptuous” or “curvy” means the user is overweight. Another commonly used descriptive term is “BBW,” which means “big beautiful woman.” Some men seek this type of woman, but be sure you have your facts straight before you assume “curvy” just means a few extra pounds. Men tend to use words like “husky,” “big-boned,” or “BHM,” which means “big handsome man.” Big does not always mean tall.

It may sound like common sense, but the marital status section of a profile is very telling. Consider this: if someone completely declines to answer, this is a red flag. If someone is truly past a divorce, they will report their status as single. Furthermore, if the profile drones on about a prior relationship, run! This person has not moved on and needs a therapist more than they need a date.

These rules don’t always apply. For example, it’s hard to figure out what “taking long walks” or “spending quiet nights at home,” that could mean the user is romantic, somewhat unoriginal, or that they are flat out broke and but have no car!

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