Your Profile looks Like Your Monitor Threw-Up

Here’s the deal, some people just don’t know how to make a great online profile. This can be disastrous since the most of the dating world is done over the internet. Fear no more. Here are five helpful tips to save you from humiliation:

1) Chose a respectable profile picture:

How do you feel when you log onto your new co-worker’s profile and see a fugly picture of them, unshaven, and completely slovenly? Not good, right? First impressions are important.

2) Be selective about your personal interests:

How many people do you think want to know about your fascination with large plushy stuffed animals or how you get frustrated because you have never been able to color inside the lines no matter how hard you try. You’re a twenty-eight year old man! If anything just write “I like stuff”.

3) Less is more:

De-clutter. Stickers, games, videos, random photographs and wallpapers can be downloaded in seconds and applied in the blink of an eye. That’s what makes it so dangerous. In no time you can have a profile crowded with unnecessary YouTube videos, your favorite Hello Kitty stickers and a link to buy the cheapest sausage from Germany. Not good.

4) Your real friends don’t have to be your online friends:

You can have friends in the real world that don’t necessarily need to be friends on your social or networking profile. Why? Think about this – if one of your good friends is willing to embarrass you in front of a crowd at the local diner by telling them all about your fear of sandpaper (it’s a valid fear), then what do you think he’ll say when he has a potential audience of hundreds?

5) Secrets don’t make the right kind of friends.

The internet is pretty big place, global even. Its best NOT to throw any secrets onto your profile. How would your best friend feel if you posted in your latest What Are You Doing post: “my best friend just told me his girlfriend has a problem wetting the bed. My response – water bed.” Think before you post.

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