Dating Catastrophe

Internet provides many opportunities for people to connect and find new friends and associations. It can be a lot of fun to have access to an entire world of people, while all you have to do is sit at home and click the mouse. However, rushing things and meeting up with strangers, merely after chatting them up on the Internet, is not a very wise thing to do!

When in college, me and my friends used to spend a lot of time surfing the net in the late hours of the night. While it started as a little naughty activity of having harmless fun with strange people, it turned into serious addiction for one of our close friends called Maria! She met a guy on the net who claimed to be a professional doctor, and a great singer. He lured her with many charming ways and soon they were exchanging pictures.

My friends and I warned Maria not to divulge much information about herself, but she laughed it off, saying that she was just passing time with the guy, and it was never going to go any further.The next thing we knew was that the so-called doctor had invited Maria to meet him! It was then that our friend told us that she had been chatting with him on the web cam and the phone for the last few weeks, and quite liked him too. Although it all sounded a bit scary, we could hardly do anything about convincing Maria to not see the doctor. Her little joke seemed to have turned into a real passionate affair!

The two were supposed to meet for lunch and then go out for a movie. However, Maria’s online ‘doctor’ boyfriend called her up right before she was leaving the house, to postpone the date until evening. He told her that there was a family issue that needed to be dealt with immediately. Finally Maria reached the decided place on time in order to see him. There was no trace of her boyfriend there, and she kept waiting for some more time.

Later, a teenager, who looked nothing more than fourteen, approached her and introduced himself. For a second, Maria thought that it was a friend of her kid brother that she was not able to recognize; but when the boy took out a red rose from his pocket while starting to tell her about their romantic episodes from the Internet, she got the shock of her life! She immediately questioned him as to why he had hidden his age, and who was the other guy that he had been showing her off on the web cam? He reasoned that he had feared that she’d reject him on finding out that he didn’t belong to her age group.

Maria wanted to slap the guy for helping her make a complete fool of herself. Tears of anger filled her eyes and she tried to save the rest of her pride by quickly trying to getting out of the situation, but the boy started pleading with her to give him a chance to prove his passionate love for her. She, however, did manage to escape from there, but her woes didn’t stop as he kept pestering her by calling on her cellphone. Eventually, she had to change her number to save herself from being stalked. After this incident Maria refrained herself from completely from getting personally involved with the strangers on the net.

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