Could You Find Your Soulmate Online?

The first thing people say when I tell them that I met my fiance online is usually, “Oh, well that’s OK. It’s more common these days.” Or they’ll ask if it was basically a blind date. But the truth is I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

There are many benefits of dating people whom you meet online. All of the first date questions are usually laid out for you on their profile page. By the time you actually have conversations with and decide to meet someone, you can guarantee that they are at least “second date” material. You don’t have to wait until the third or fourth date to find out whether they want children or not, or whether they want someone who feels the same way about religion as they do, or if they’re not looking for marriage at all.

Matching services are one of the other benefits of online dating. Whether complicated or simple, most dating websites will have some sort of system to connect you to potential matches. This means that before you even see someone’s profile, they have been weeded out from among others.

Imagine that same scenario in real life. You walk into a singles bar, and all of a sudden half of the guys there disappear. They were the ones not looking for marriage. Then half of the remaining guys disappear. They were looking for something a little different than you were. Imagine refining until there are only a handful of guys, which you now can get to know. This is essentially what online dating does for us. It takes the work out of dating and turns it into something real and worthwhile.

Of course I’m not that every person you meet from a dating website is going to be your one and only true love forever. One and only means only one, right? What I would say though, is that you have a much higher chance of meeting the right mate for you, when most of the guesswork of dating games are taken out of the picture for you.

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