Be Yourself or Beware!

Though online dating allows you the opportunity to meet an enormous number of potential suitors, it also increases the temptation to paint yourself in a less-than-truthful light in order to win the affections of your prospective mate. Being true to yourself throughout the whole of your online dating experience is of the utmost importance, as it gives you the best possible chance of making a love connection that can stand the test of time.

Unhealthy adaptation to the whims and opinions of your prospective online suitors may gain you favor for a moment but when the computer screen disappears and you are face to face with your love interest, minor untruths can become major obstacles to forming healthy bonds of trust and affection.

Healthy Adaptation and Growth

Whenever we come into close communion with another human being – whether online or in person – we naturally adapt to some degree. One reason for this is due to the fact that we as humans are always growing and changing. As opinions and bits of wisdom are shared with your online suitors, new avenues of thought will likely open up in both parties and some degree of personal evolution is therefore to be expected.

You can remain utterly true to your own beliefs and world view while conceding on a few points of contention in order to keep the peace or bending your outlook so that it includes the viewpoints of others.

Unhealthy Patterns

When healthy adaptation crosses over into unhealthy conformity or even falsehood, the results can be devastating. First and foremost, selling yourself short by not sharing your true nature with your peers undercuts your basic sense of dignity and self-respect. If you are willing to change yourself in order to be loved, there is clearly an underlying issue that must be addressed so that you can begin to appreciate the unique individual you were created to be instead of stuffing it away somewhere in shame.

Recognize the Signs

Nip a tendency toward lying in the bud while dating by recognizing the early signs and correcting your course immediately. Are you posting photos that were taken over four months ago? Are you pretending to like bands, movies, books or shows that you don’t really enjoy in order to “connect” with a potential suitor? Are you avoiding the expression of your political or religious views in order to avoid conflict? If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you need to be honest with yourself and begin walk in truth with your online love interests.

When you represent yourself accurately during your online dating experience, you will be rewarded by attracting the man or woman that will love you for who you really are. Isn’t that what we are all really after, anyway?

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