Are You Undatable?

What were you doing last Friday night when all your friends were out on the town, living it up with their hot dates? Ladies, were you sitting in a dark room with shades drawn, eating a pint of ice cream, and watching reruns? Guys, were you eating day old pizza, drinking flat beer, and surfing porn? If you answered “yes,” and presumably didn’t want to, maybe you need to take a look in the mirror and see if you have crossed the abyss of loneliness and have drifted into the realm of the undateable.

How do you know if you’re undateable? Here are three sure signs for men and women that can prove that you are in fact undateable. You just have to be perfectly honest with yourself when evaluating your date-ability.

Women, you are undateable if..

1. You like to micromanage and nag all the time. Men already have one woman in their lives that do this –their mothers. They don’t need another person in their lives to treat them like children. If you try to control a guy and nag him to death, he’ll get annoyed with you, or even worse start ignoring you.

2. You are self centered and like to only talk about yourself a lot. Relationships are about getting to know one another and finding the perfect partner. The word “partner” by its very definition means two people. If you are spending the whole time talking about yourself, you’re showing a guy that you’re not really interested in anything that they have to say. Men are often compared to children and like kids, they crave attention. If you’re not letting them have equal footing in a conversation, it won’t be long before you’re back on the couch again, watching old sit-coms.

3. You don’t take care of yourself. Men are visual creatures. Sure, once they get to know you, they’ll appreciate your intellect and personality, but the first thing they notice is appearance. If you dress like a slob, never shower, and don’t make any effort to make yourself look attractive, you’re not going to get a first date.

Men, you are undateable if…

1. You don’t have a job. Sorry. This may be the 21st century and it’s acceptable for women to be the principle bread winner in the family, but no single person wants someone living off of them. You have to have a regular paying job or it’s a deal breaker. Having too demanding a career could also have an adverse effect if you spend too much time working rather than spending any time with your girlfriend.

2. You’re married or in another relationship. Nothing is a bigger relationship killer than having another relationship on the side. If you cannot be faithful to your present partner, what can you possibly do that will make the other girl think you can behave any differently?

3. You’re jealous and crazy possessive. Sure, it can be flattering for a girl when you make a chivalrous effort to protect her honor, but there is a fine line between that and being a control freak. Relationships are about trust. If you keep being hyper-possessive, it shows your partner that you don’t trust them.

Recognizing that you are undateable is the first step to improving your love life. You have to work past your issues and learn that being in relationship requires a commitment from both parties. Making changes are hard — but you don’t have to be alone.

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