All Dating Sites Are Not Created Equal

Maybe you’re tired of being set up with your friend’s friend. Perhaps you’ve tried the nightclub scene and never found anyone you clicked with. Then, it’s time to go online with your dating search. But keep in mind that not all dating sites are created equal.

Anyone who does a search online for dating service will get a ton of options from which to choose. However, far and above any of the other competition, and reign supreme.

Just as Facebook reigns at the top of the social network websites, and rank at the top of the dating arena sites. They offer a meet and greet network for any platform from email to chat to cellphones.

Singlesnet is able to boast the #1 most visited online dating service in the USA. That puts them ahead of all other competition. In addition, they offer forums, free chat to other online members and use of their proprietary matching system.

And while may not have the sheer numbers that Singlesnet has, they have something they consider more exclusive. They offer a six-month guarantee. Yes, they guarantee that if you use the system the way it’s designed to be used, keeping your profile public and initiating contacts, you’ll meet that man or woman of your dreams in the first six months. If you don’t, they’ll give you six more months of use for free. What more could you ask for?

Some soul mate searchers claim they don’t have the time to thumb through profiles. Fear not, offers an application for your Blackberry or iPhone. Now, when you’re stuck at the DMV, you can be checking out ads, responding to chat invites or winking at the cutie who lives in the neighborhood.

Both services go to lengths to make sure you have every opportunity to match up with the person you were meant to be with. Anyone can set up personalized profiles that allow you to post honest pictures of yourself. The option exists to initiate contact with others who are interested in you or simply send them a wink to let them know you’re interested.

Have fun. The dating world is at your finger tips.

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