5 Profile Names To Avoid

The choice you make in an online profile name is the first bit of information you are supplying to potential dates, and if it gives the wrong impression, forget about anyone wanting to read on to find out more about you. Worse yet, you may find people you were not trying to attract swarming around your profile. There are some really awful usernames out there. Here are some of our favorites:

Likes_Brains – Now, as much as this may mean this guy wants an intelligent girl, it may also mean he has an admiration for Jeffrey Dahmer. It feels psycho. This will probably scare off more women than attract. But, there are always those few that like that kind of thing.

Hi_Hello_Jane – Umm, what if my name is not Jane? Who is this Jane you speak of? A man putting a female’s name in their profile limits the amount of women who will bother to seek out further information about them. Only Jane will want to know about you, and even then, some of the Janes out there will be bothered by this and not bother with you.

HusbandHunter – If this doesn’t show how desperate you are, I don’t know what does. It will also scare a high percentage of men away from ever looking at your profile. Ever heard of taking it slow without expectations being too high?

Wormicide – So, you kill off and flush worms out of the digestive tracts of our furry friends. Yikes. You sound oh so very yummy.

SuziSwallows14U – Out of the profile names listed here, I do believe this one will get the most hits. Unfortunately, unless ‘Suzi’ is looking for a hook-up, she will probably be attracting the wrong type of people to her profile. She will then disappoint them when they find out she actually swallows swords for a living.

As fun as it is to use zany nicknames your family and friends have been calling you for years, if those people are the only ones who understand the meaning behind said nickname, you may want to pass on using it. You don’t want your future dating or marriage prospects assuming the wrong innuendo and never clicking on your profile due to disgust or confusion at your profile name. That would really suck.

So, make sure to take some time and really think about what you want that first impression to be and use that to inspire yourself.

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