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Any single person who wants to attract a new partner in life would do well to employ both positive thinking and the power of positive attraction in their lives today.

Whether you’re currently single by choice or by circumstance, when you want to attract a new significant other into your life it can help to remember that your own attitude can have a powerful effect on anyone you may happen to meet along the way. Everyone you meet can be affected by your thoughts and feelings, as well as through your body language. Just like the Law of Attraction that pulls similar energies together, people can also be put off by negative and unhappy moods and actions. This makes it imperative that singles who would prefer to be doubles keep in mind that most normal people want to be around positive people, and prefer to avoid negative people that may enter their lives. If you’re single, generating a negative vibe is one sure way to remain single.

The power of positive thinking is also a big component of attraction that can draw similar people together and explains why groups of like-minded individuals can usually get more good things accomplished than one individual can. When you are positive, people are instinctively drawn to your energy and subconsciously they will become more likely to agree with you. There is just no getting around the fact that people want to be around you when you are positive, and at the same time they will dislike you and try to avoid you if they sense you are negative.

Being positive can also help you create and bring into your life more real-world positive results through the use of positive affirmation and repetitive positive visualization. This can be accomplished by visualizing a positive mental image of what you want to achieve and the positive outcome you desire. Repetitive positive visualization has been demonstrated to work as repeating the same good thoughts and feelings over and over can actually cause those good things to appear in our lives. Singles who desire a partner in their lives today would do well to heed these realities and knock off any negativity and utilize positive thoughts, feelings and energy to bring someone good into their spheres.


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