SwingLifeStyle.com Online Dating Review

With the advent of the internet, it’s become much more accessible to connect with people of similar interests to you. What was once a taboo subject; the swinger lifestyle is now supported publically and embraced by dating sites. SwingLifeStyle.com is one of those sites that makes it simple for you to connect to other married couples or singles near you. The profiles are diverse so you’ll be able to find your preference whether it’s ethnicity, age or lifestyle.


With thousands of real profiles across the United States on SwingLifeStyle, you’ll be able to select people with similar interests and goals in married dating whether it’s something on someone’s bucket list or something they have always participated in with their spouse. There are also chat rooms , forums and groups that help you connect. The easy to user interface allows you to update your profile, pictures, security settings and your membership.

It is free to sign up for the basic membership. You can also upgrade to a paid membership which, gives you additional features. You can also select to be featured on the login page that includes a picture and short description about yourself. The SwingLifeStyle.com site also has sex stories and offers sex toys at a discount price.

There are several options for members from a monthly fee of $14.95 to a one-time payment of $169. Given the nature of the site, this may be worthwhile in the long term versus more conventional dating sites that you leave once you’ve met someone.