Romantic First Dates on a Budget

To enjoy a romantic first date on a budget, it may be necessary to think outside the box. The traditional “dinner and a movie” may be replaced with dinner at home and a rental. Or replace a restaurant with a romantic picnic in the park. Taking into consideration timing and location, doing a little research and planning, and a little creativity thrown into the mix, romance does not have to cost a fortune.


Traditionally first dates are dinner and a movie, or some other activity such as a concert or play. Consider changing it up a bit. Lunch is almost always less expensive at a restaurant than dinner, and matinees are cheaper than night shows. Also, consider the season. Often seasonal activities, such as amusement parks, offer cut rates at the end of the season.


A romantic atmosphere can be created anywhere. Consider preparing a meal yourself, or cooking together. Or even if you order takeout, you will save on a tip. Light some candles and you have instant atmosphere. Top the night off with a rental, or something from your private library, and you will save a ton. Another idea is to determine if you share a love for a favorite show and plan the date to watch it together.

If the weather is nice, a picnic can be just the ticket. Pack a meal, throw in a blanket, and pick a romantic, secluded spot to get to know each other. Bring along some music, and enjoy and after dinner walk or game of frisbee. Parks are a natural choice for this, but other locations should be considered as well. Do not forget about beaches, river banks, and even your own yard if it is nice.

Where ever you decide to go, do not forget your camera, or at least your camera phone. Take picture of yourselves having fun together so you will always remember the time you had.

Bargain Hunt

Search for deals online. Group bargain sites such at Groupon and City Deals often offer reduced price certificates for meals at fine dinning establishments. Also, offers gift certificates to local restaurants for reduced prices. This can allow for a fine dinning experience for up to half the cost. Some of these sites even offer reduced prices on a variety of tickets and entrance fees for after dinner entertainment.

One does not have to spend a ton of money to enjoy a romantic first date. It just takes a little creativity and planning, and that first date can be one to remember without breaking your budget.