Impersonal to Intimate: From Voyeurism to Online Dating

There is a certain thrill to using Chatroulette, an immensely popular website that pairs two random strangers via a video and text-based chat system. Users have the option to stay and talk and watch for hours, or move through several users in a minute.

However, there can be a lack of actual connection and interaction. Users never get to know others, they merely cycle from one to the next, listlessly. There is an upside. This kind of scrolling can be a springboard of sorts for online dating sites. People enjoy the rush of meeting strangers online, but also desire to really connect. and SinglesNet are two simple ways to meet individuals online for more than just a wave.

Singlesnet is more casual, fun way to meet and flirt. Users can search matches for free, with no commitment to being a paid member. Singles can use chat rooms and individual chats to get to know one another and to star their relationships easily. Singlesnet is built upon making online dating fun and carefree instead of an ordeal, making it an ideal first step for individuals looking to forge bonds and start a life with someone via the Internet. Singlesnet users can browse potential dates in minutes, offering convenience unparalleled by any other site. Using Chatroulette as a stepping stone, many happy couples find their start on Singlesnet. is one of the most popular online dating companies in the country as well as the world, boasting over 20 million unique users and thousands upon thousands of successful marriages. The science behind their matches is over fifteen years in development, offering users a virtually limitless database of profiles, an intensive compatibility screening, a secure network, and a way to browse profiles by keywords to look for similar interests. With, there is a legitimate atmosphere of users looking to create lifelong relationships, not just a smile and a nod before moving on. is a logical next step from the impersonal chaos of Chatroulette and the relaxed atmosphere of more informal sites.

While Chatroulette might seem like a nonchalant, entertaining way to interact with total strangers, often it’s so hard to create a real spark. It’s too impersonal, too unconnected. Many Chatroulette users find there to be a rush at first, and a void later. Luckily, singles can fill that void by jumping into the world of online dating and start the journey of meeting that special someone!