Game Day Coaching for Your Hookup

The fling. The hookup. The complete fulfillment of the id; the thing we all want, but all the gloomy grumpy people tell us we’re not supposed to want. These same people should have to answer why suffering in a miserable boring relationship is somehow any better. This leads straight into my first tip:

1: All’s fair. Eschewing morals, ideals, and ethics in pursuit of the almighty hookup does not make you evil. And as a matter of fact, true evil is a big turn off. You want to go more for aloof (not quite a “bad boy” or a “bitch”). Aloof is mysterious, absolutely intoxicating, and people will, after seeing that they cannot break your shell verbally or emotionally, will do it sexually. Hence, the hookup.

2: Go to uninhibited environments. Believe it or not, an uninhibited environment is not the local watering hole. There is an entire skill set that has to do with bars and clubs. Go somewhere NOT threatening. Daytime. A little conversation at the farmer’s market goes a long way on the date that night. Also, the innovation of the internet can not be understated. Sites like and are fertile hunting grounds.

3: Be Yourself and Die. If you are a guy, you have no weaknesses. Do not give the girl any excuse to brand you the somewhat jerky creep you are. If you are a girl, you have no body fat. If you want to hook up with guys with all their teeth, the bottom line is your physical appearance. Nothing wrong with putting up pictures from a couple of years ago.

The successful hookup begins with the fulfillment of a fantasy. Fake it till you make it, suck it in and tuck it, and forget that useless being yourself crap.

4: Entice the mind. Building off of that last idea, keep in mind that the mind is the biggest erogenous zone in both men and women. Watch a couple of Orson Welles films, maybe read an Ayn Rand book or two and learn to talk. Wit showcases spontaneity and social grace, both intoxicating features.

5: Use and They are hugely successful for a reason.