The Higher Calling of Religious Dating

They say when you meet someone to avoid politics and religion, because they can be so divisive. But Religion can truly be the ultimate ice breaker, saving you the trouble of looking for things that you have in common on a date: the most important thing is sharing a belief system.

It can be the thing that brings you together more than anything else, that really gives you that deep and loving connection that you have been seeking. Below is an overview of the top religious dating sites online: is one of the premier sites on the internet for meeting Christian singles. It features profiles that people can set up, complete with photographs and descriptions to give you a glance at what potential mates are like before you contact them.

One of the things that sets the site apart is that you can join it for free. They are more concerned with connecting you with someone who is perfect for you, who will pursue a Godly relationship with you, than they are with making a lot of money off of your search for love.
This site includes a popular video option where you can watch videos clips of potential suitors; this is much closer to the experience of talking in person, and gives you an instant idea of what their personality and how they carry themselves.
This site caters to Jewish singles and is also free. The profiles are simple to navigate and users say that is particularly user friendly. One thing that sets it apart is that it features a number of articles relating to Jewish dating: ranging from articles about how to go on religiously-themed dates to how to find different events for Jewish singles.