Flirting Advice: Make Your Match Swoon

Every day, more and more people are using the Internet to reach out and find that special someone. Many fantastic online dating sites such as and make it easy for their users to “go fishing” for that perfect match. However, dating and flirting online comes with some unique challenges.

While hiding behind the keyboard can sometimes help someone who may normally be very shy to come out of their shell, the lack of body language can make it difficult to really express yourself. That being said, this article is here to help you out, with seven great ways to be successful when flirting with your match online.

1. Read Their Entire Profile

There is no better way to show someone that you’re truly interested in them than by reading, and paying attention to, what they have posted about themself. How interested could you possibly be if you can’t even read their whole profile!

2. Find Shared Interest

Be specific here. Don’t just say “I like movies too!” Tell them your favorite movie and then ask about theirs.

3. Ask Questions

Don’t hog the entire conversation just telling them all about you. Ask about their life. Show them you are interested. Which leads to…

4. Actually Listen to the Answers

Pay attention to what they tell you and then remember the details. You will be amazed at how impressive this simple tip is and how most folks forget to implement it in their interactions.

5. Respectfully Complement their Photo

When complementing someone’s photo, it’s very important to do so respectfully. Stick with something that will make them feel special, like complementing their smile instead of their chest.

6. Keep it Friendly

Again, without having body language to help express yourself, it can be very easy to be misunderstood. Keep the conversation light and comfortable as you are first getting to know each other. Don’t jump right into any topics that could be uncomfortable and a turn off for the person you’re talking to.

7. Be Unique

Always remember that you are competing against a lot of other people to win this person’s attention. Don’t be just another person posting that you like “movies and long walks on the beach.” Make sure your profile is really something that stands out in a unique way, and makes the reader eager to know more about you.

Internet dating is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways of meeting new people. Keep these seven tips in mind, and you’ll be sure to grab someone special’s attention.