Black AdultFriendFinder Dating Review

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What’s up, everybody. So in my never-ending quest to find the hottest girls available, I have found a slammin’ new site: Black Adult Friend Finder. Yep—from the people who brought you the original AdultFriendFinder, now comes a site strictly dedicated to the beautiful chocolate bodies out there. Don’t get me wrong, I love all women, but I’ve got a special fondness in my heart for the ebony ladies, as the best lovers I’ve ever had has always been with black women. I’m gonna lay it all out for you guys—check it out.

Black Adult Friend Finder Positives

The positives are, first and foremost, that I love all the black ladies out there, and this site is truly dedicated to hooking you up with some of the smoking-est, freakiest black girls you’ll ever want to meet.

You won’t find any boring, white, suburbanites looking for a father for their kids on this site. BlackAdultFriendFinder is completely sexually oriented, which is nice, cause I hate pretending to be interested in anything other than that.

The selection on Black Adult Friend Finder is overwhelming. There are always hundreds of beautiful women online in your area, especially if you live in a major metro area, and all of them are there for the same reason you are.

Functionally speaking, Black Adult Friend Finder has all the great features of the original AFF, such as easy access to chats, constant updates regarding who’s online, features on popular profiles, and your own personal home page and inbox for easy communication.

What’s also cool about this site is how they encourage you to spread the love. A lot of dating sites are out there trying to find you a one-on-one match, that special someone. But Black Adult Friend Finder encourages you to meet and hook up with as many people as possible, and they make it easy to do so by utilizing their Friends Network and Hotlist.

I can’t tell you how many black babes I now have a regular thing going with just via my personal friends list. It truly is awesome.

As far as pricing goes, they’ve got many options at various price levels, so you should find something that you can afford pretty easily. The longer you sign up for, the deeper the discount, and why wouldn’t you go that route?

Once you see all the hot black tail that Black Adult Friend Finder throws your way, you’re going to be hooked.

Black Adult Friend Finder Negatives

I suppose if you’re looking for someone to settle down with and start a family, this probably isn’t the site for you.

Black Adult Friend Finder is strictly all about hooking you up with people in your area, so if you’re a family man, keep on searching. Oh, and if you’re offended by graphic photos and close-ups of hot lady-parts, then you might want to avoid this site also.

That is really the only downside, as far as I can see, and as far as I’m concerned, none of that is a negative. Well, that and the fact that, while you can sign up for free, you really can’t utilize any of the cool features of the site without throwing down some loot. But c’mon—you get what you pay for right? And trust me—as soon as you start paying, you start getting.

Black Adult Friend Finder Review Summary is a spin-off of, which dubs itself “The World’s Largest Sex and Swinger Personals Community.” That is pretty much right on, with Black Adult Friend Finder merely focusing the options on the dark-skinned beauties.

It’s a guaranteed awesome time, and I found that I was getting pretty close with some chocolate ladies within a week of signing up. All in all, for the minimal monthly fees involved, this site really delivers the goods.

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