AfricaBeauties Online Dating Review is a highly reputable international dating site that started as a family owned business in 2001. The network has thousands of beautiful and sophisticated African women waiting to find their ideal match.

This online dating site works a little differently than others and has a variety of services.

If you find someone that interests you, you can submit the letter through as they work with local agencies in Africa where women are interested in dating overseas. You can also send a photo along with your correspondence.

Cost: You purchase a minimum of 20 credits, which is $15.99 or buy in bulk with a 1000 credits at $399. Our recommendation would be to start small to ensure this is the right service for you. Each letter, both sending and receiving, is 10 credits.

Live Chat
If you prefer to live chat, this service is also available for 1 credit a minute.

Phone Translation Service
You can also chat with the African lady of your choice. Simply call the 1-800 toll free number and give them the ID of the woman you are interested in talking with. They offer translators for women that do not speak English.

Cost: Varies depending on the amount of time you talk. You are charged in initial fee of $28.75 for the minimum call of 5 minutes.

Flowers, Presents and Virtual Gifts now offers the service of sending flowers, presents and virtual gifts to your lady of choice.

Cost: Price varies

Dating an African Lady
Once you want to meet the lady you’re interested in, you must have a clean record and have communicated through email at least 5 times. Once you meet these simple criteria, you can then submit a form for Dating a Lady.

Cost: The meeting arrangement is $70, which includes an interpreter for 90 minutes.