Tips For Making A Move

You’ve all been there–the lights are low, the mood is right, the girl is smokin’….now what? If you think now’s the time to bust out your arsenal of smooth moves from high school (Yawn and Reach, anyone?), it’s time to pick up your game. Here are five sure fire tips to turn your date from lukewarm to five-alarm.

1) Be make-out worthy. Be clean and well groomed, nicely dressed and smelling fresh. Maybe this goes without saying for you–that’s great! But it never hurts to take a few seconds for a breath check. Just be sure you haven’t marinated in your cologne/body spray of choice and that your deodorant hasn’t already checked out.

2) Read her cues. Is she sitting right next to you, one cushion down on the couch, or clear across the room? Proximity is key–ideally you’ve positioned yourself close to your date by allowing her to choose her seat first, then sitting close to her. If not, now’s the time to start your move. Go get her a drink and when you come back, park it right next to her. When you sit down next to her, does she move away, or stay put? A girl who moves away when you slide in close is not a good candidate for a hot make-out scene.

3) Put your arm around her–no special trick necessary, no funny joke, just do it with no added drama. Don’t make a big deal out of it, and she won’t either. This is not the time to make an end run for her bra, this is just making physical contact in hope of making further physical contact. If she’s into it, she’ll snuggle in–if not, she’ll let you know.

4) Now that you’ve established physical contact, it’s time to let her know your intentions. Not in a gross, overly sexual way, but there’s nothing wrong with telling a girl “I’d really like to kiss you right now.” It’s charming, it’s sweet and it puts the ball in her court. You’ve also let her know two important things–that you’re totally into her, and exactly where you want the evening to go.

5) Just do it! Once she’s let you know if she’s receptive to what you’re offering, all that’s left to do is to make your move! Go slow and let her tell you how far she’s willing to take it and you’ll be fine!

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