Romancing The Boss

What happens when you find yourself with a full blown crush on your BOSS? You both know there’s something there. But how do you proceed? Is it career suicide? Or should you just follow your heart? Love conquers all, right? Well, studies show that’s necessarily so, in the workplace.

Affairs with co-workers can get sticky. If getting together with someone on the same level as you is fraught with complications, imagine the trouble that could accompany being with the man or woman who holds your career in the palm of their hand! Needless to say, starting up a steamy fling with your Boss is generally advised against.

In rare cases, however, all is not lost. You may be one of those rare couples who can reach a mutual understanding, free of workplace drama. Where else are you supposed to meet mates if not at work after all? If you two really can’t keep your hands off each other, the best course of action is to keep the lines of communications open.

Don’t create situations where you’re second-guessing one another and unable to trust what the other says. Remember that your boss, no matter how in love the two of you feel, is the one holding all the cards when it comes to your professional life. And yet still, anything is possible…

If your hot workplace romance with boss-man seems to be heading down the drain, don’t despair! There are plenty of delectable single men out there, ready and waiting.

If you’ve fallen for your boss, it’s entirely possible that you have a thing for wealthy and powerful men. In that case, perhaps what you what you really need in your life is This site may just be the balm you need to recover from that forbidden romance with your boss.

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