Love Reeks: Pheromones & Primal Attraction

Sex Pheromones are chemicals released by many insects, plants, and animals and people to alert members of the opposite sex that they are available and interested in finding a mate. Pheromones have no detectable scent and are for all practical purposes invisible.

Though they are scentless, pheromones most definitely exist; they play a very important role in dating. The process of releasing pheromones, of course, is totally unconscious: people cannot deliberately release sex pheromones. With modern science, however, this is fast changing.

Smell is definitely an important part of meeting someone; smell can be alluring or off-putting. Many men and women use cologne or perfume to make themselves smell nice. Smells from scented oils like perfumes are attractive to others, which explains why so many choose to wear them when dating. Like the old jingle goes, though, “A little dab’ll do ya”: perfumes and colognes (particularly cologne) can be overpowering when used excessively.

A smell which is alluring in small doses quickly becomes nauseating when its wearer has applied too much. This problem is worse in confined areas like cars, so care should be taken. Of course, not all perfumes and colognes are created equally, so finding the right scent is important.

Smells don’t have to be overwhelming to have an effect. Some people find the natural scent of their partner to be more alluring than the smell of a heavy perfume. People are actually able to smell their compatibility with partners in their sweat. Scientists have discovered that women find the smell of people they are genetically compatible with sexually attractive.

In fact, scientists showed that the best way to predict whether a couple’s relationship would last was by having the partners smell shirts that each other had worn; if they found each others’ smells attractive (without knowing they were smelling their partner), the couple was much more likely to stay together than if they did not. Research shows that people who are likely to be compatible release pheromones that attract each other.

The attractive power of pheromones is a good argument for going light on the perfume. After all, if your natural scent helps to attract the right guy or girl, masking that smell with different smells might attract the wrong one! On the other hand, if your natural pheromones tend to attract jerks, perhaps it might be an interesting experiment to try wearing different scents and trying to meet new partners.

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