It Starts With a Picture

In online dating, much like in the real world, the hardest part is often just getting past that first step – getting your foot in the door. is doing a lot to overcome this, but there are a number of things you can do yourself to give you a leg up in the online dating scene. The first step is to have a friendly, inviting, and well-composed profile picture. So I’ve developed a few tips to get you started on just that.

Use Color, no Black & White

Everybody likes a classy black and white photo. It’s artsy, heartfelt, and meaningful looking. But it doesn’t portray what you really look like. People are looking for a real connection, they’re not picking out 20′s movie stars.

Get a professional

If you’re serious, say it with your profile picture. Don’t use a picture you took with your phone in a mirror because you thought you looked good that day, find a professional photographer to take a few casual headshots. You can usually find students that are willing to take some shots for free to build their portfolios.

Find good lighting

90% of the time, trying to look dark and mysterious translates into looking like you don’t know how to take a decent picture. Use a shot that has plenty of evenly distributed light. This goes along with getting a professional as I mentioned above. If you are in a place that goes for long stretches without sunlight, like London, find a well-lit indoor location.

Be Genuine

I know it sounds cliche, but this is the most important aspect of a good profile picture. A picture says a lot more about you than just what you look like. If done right, your profile picture should expose a bit of who you are. That being said, don’t try to convey something that doesn’t reflect who you are. Don’t try to be overly sexy or extravagant, it’s not as appealing as you may think.

When it comes down to it, this isn’t Hot or Not; people aren’t just sifting through pictures to find someone who looks like a movie star. You will find the most success with a profile that makes you out to be genuine, interesting, and approachable, and it all starts with your profile picture.

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