How I Met The Guy Next Door — Through Online Dating

Even though I have always been a somewhat outgoing girl, I have never had much success in the dating world. Instead, I have found success at work. You know the story, I put in the extra hours and the only guys I ever interacted with were co-workers and clients.

As a result, I was pretty lonely. A good career is great, but you cannot snuggle up on the couch with it and watch a movie. I decided to try online dating, even though I never thought that it would result in a real relationship. I filled out my profile and started getting matched with local guys. I started exchanging messages with one of my matches and we really hit it off. We exchanged photos and I was impressed with how cute he was. He was exactly my type. From our emails, we learned that we both liked a lot of the same movies and bands, and that we both come from similar backgrounds. We seemed to have a really good connection, but it is hard to tell from just emails. His sense of humor was great, though. Every message he sent me made me laugh.

Our next step was to meet. When I found out where he lived and I was blown away…

It turns out, he lives in my apartment building, just a few floors above me! I had probably even ridden in the elevator with him, but hadn’t noticed. I was really nervous about meeting a guy that lived so close to me. If it didn’t work out, it would be really awkward if I saw him around our building. I kept putting off our first date, but eventually, we met… And totally connected.

On our first date, we went to one of my favorite local restaurants. It turns out it was one of his favorite restaurants too. In fact, we had been frequenting many of the same local joints. We even got coffee at the same shop every morning. His job starts about an hour before mine, so we must have been just missing each other every day.

We have had three dates so far, and they have all been great. Of course, it is still too early to tell for sure, but I feel like I might have a real future with this guy. It was like fate had been trying to bring us together – we must’ve come close to meeting each other hundreds of times — but it took an online dating service to bring us together.

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