The Hottest New Trend: Online Infidelity

horny guyThis is not exactly a novel idea, but it is one that seems to be gaining traction recently. Is the United States finally shunning it’s puritanical roots and embracing the more liberal social trends that have been abound in Europe for centuries?

On the whole, probably not, but there is a subversive element in our society today that is pushing for these relaxed social standards, and, most unsurprisingly, there seems to be quite a large audience that is interested. I am referring, of course, to the hottest new topic in online dating: mutually agreed upon infidelity.

In the past if one was married and looking to have an affair, one generally had to either pay for it or pose as a single on a normal dating site. If you’re already having an affair that you are looking to keep quiet, extra lies to maintain are not your friend, and neither is the stratospheric price of a professional. That is exactly the niche market that Ashley Madison is designed for.

This site, which has been talked about on such programs as Howard Stern, 20/20, Dr. Phil, and Larry King, just to name a few, fills a need where there was previously a void. This is a site specifically for those in a committed relationship who are looking for some action on the side. Here you are free to admit that you are not looking for “true love,” but rather someone to add some excitement to your life. From a professional standpoint, these guys get mega points for honesty and discretion.

You can even pay their fees in cash, so as to leave no trail. Sure, some may consider this service offensive, but to some, it’s a lifesaver. Besides the Europeans have lauded the idea of mistresses for thousands of years—it’s about time we started catching up.

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