Cross Dating: When Atheists Date Believers

At some point in our lives we’ve all wrestled with the notion of God. But how does God play into the dating scene? Do atheists have any business gallivanting around in the same dating sites as holy daters? If you are a devout follower and you date an atheist, will the universe explode?

Dating sites now play a huge role in how we go about finding dates and soul mates. But with all the niche dating sites out there, it begs the question do you have to a card carrying member in order to join? For example, is it wrong to join ChristianLifestyle if you are not Christian? What happens if you just like dating Christians?

A while back I dated a Jewish woman. I never paid much attention to religion, at least, not until that point in time. Long story short, our dates led to sleepovers and eventually we ended up living together. This went on for four years.

I even started going to temple with her, just to try and understand her personal relationship with God. Being in a relationship with someone who believed opened me up in way. Am I still an atheist? Well, now I guess I may be more of an agnostic.

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